Zcash mining

Zcash mining rigs

Mining Zcash is mostly a GPU game, you can mine using your CPU bug you'll get a lot more bang for your bucks on GPUs. Therefore the best mining rig you can create will mostly depend on your choice of a GPU.

Here is a list of GPUs and their corresponding Hashrate, price and power consumption.

GPU Price Hashrate Power
RX 470, 4GB GDDR5 $200 30 Sols/s ~120 W Buy
RX 470, 8GB GDDR5 $240 35 Sols/s ~120 W Buy
RX 480, 4GB GDDR5 $200 30 Sols/s ~150 W Buy
RX 480, 8GB GDDR5 $265 40 Sols/s ~150 W Buy
R9 Fury X 4GB $305 50 Sols/s ~160 W Buy
R9 290 $315 35 Sols/s ~220 W Buy
R9 290X $350 38 Sols/s ~250 W Buy
R9 380 $200 24 Sols/s ~295 W Buy
GTX1070 8GB $450 45 Sols/s ~300 W Buy

The numbers in this table can vary greatly depending on the miner you use and the various other components.
They're meant to be an indication.

You'll also need other bits of computer parts such as :
- A CPU: intel Celeron,
- A motherboard: small AsRock with a lot of PCIe slots,
- A SSD: big enough to hold an OS and a blockchain,
- Some RAM: 8GB should suffise,
- A PSU: reliable, powerful and efficient PSU.

You might also want to buy some PCI risers to be able to stack several cards on a single motherboard.

In the end if you want to go big, you can go for this kind of casing especially designed with mining in mind: