Zcash mining

Zcash Mining calculator

Here is a rudimentary mining calculator. It is based upon averages of the pools when you request it, and not predictions.

Therefore it doesn't take care of the change on block reward to come, the price changes to come, or even the electricity costs.

ZEC eq BTC eq USD Timeframe
8.6946638539068E-7 3.5700289784141E-8 0.00039383349392656 per minute
5.2167983123441E-5 2.1420173870485E-6 0.023630009635594 per hour
0.0012520315949626 5.1408417289163E-5 0.56712023125425 per day
0.008764221164738 0.00035985892102414 3.9698416187797 per week
0.037560947848877 0.0015422525186749 17.013606937627 per month